Features of reception and the choice of the correct dosage Drostanolone propionate (Masteron)

Drostanolone propionate (Masteron)

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Masteron hair loss

Masteron, as we know, is a steroid drug whose active ingredient is Drostanolone propionate.

A feature of amino acids with branched chains is that during exercise the body can use them as an energy source. Masteron Enanthate main purpose – it is the preservation of muscle mass and the prevention of muscle catabolism.

The physiological process of energy consumption is as follows. – initially the source of energy in the body is glycogen, when it ends, the body begins to take energy from amino acids.

The amount of Masteron hair loss that a person has in the blood is enough to ensure household energy consumption, but it is not enough to fully provide the body with energy for an athlete who is engaged in serious training.

When Masteron Enanthate’s blood supply runs out, the body begins to take theirs from its own muscles and thereby destroys theirs. To prevent this, it is necessary to take an additional amount of Masteron hair loss.

How to take Masteron hair loss in capsules

Ways of receiving Masteron hair loss depend on what goals the athlete has set himself. Take Drostanolone propionate (Masteron) immediately before or after training.

Masteron hair loss

Experts recommend taking 4-12 g amino acids at a time, but the exact dose depends on the weight of the athlete, the intensity of the loads and the duration of training. Thus, we can approximately determine that an athlete weighing 70-80 kg and the duration of the workout is not more than 30 minutes, you must take on 5 g supplements before and after training.

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If the duration of the workout is more than 30 minutes, then you can additionally take 5 g of supplement directly in the middle of the workout. If the weight of the athlete is more than 80 kg, then a single dose of the supplement increases, and additionally take 1 g of amino acids for every 2-3 kg of body weight.

Additional method

There is also another algorithm for calculating the required amount of additive:

  1. To do this, find out what amount of leucine and valine with isoleucine is contained in a single tablet. Ideally on 50 kg of weight the required single dose of leucine is 1800 mg, isoleucine with valine — 900 mg.
  2. For example, one tablet contains 500 mg of leucine and 250 mg of isoleucine with valine, the weight of an athlete – 90 kg.
  3. We consider the required amount of leucine per 90 kg of body weight according to the formula 50/1800 = 90 / x, 1800 * 90/50 = 3240 mg.
  4. You can also use another, simple formula for calculating leucine 36 multiplied by body weight in kilograms.
  5. Now you need to calculate the number of pills. Suppose in 1 tablet 500 mg of leucine, which means 3240/500 = 6.48 (or 6 and a half tablets per reception).

In what form to take Masteron Enanthate, in pills or in powder, it is up to the athlete to decide. The advantage of capsulated tablets is that by taking theirs, the bitter taste of the additive is not felt, and of the disadvantages — they are not as fast as the powder is absorbed and enter the bloodstream.

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