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masteron cycle

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masteron cycle

Drostanolone propionate (Masteron) – This is a steroid drug in sports nutrition, which athletes use to increase muscle strength, endurance, and for the rapid recovery of the body after intense training.

Masteron Propionate has a positive effect on the nervous and cardiovascular systems, strengthens joints and tendons, and reduces blood cholesterol levels. Masteron 100 also promotes lean muscle mass and muscle relief.

For athletes who are actively involved in sports and regular bicep curls muscles, the Masteron cycle is very important, because our body naturally synthesizes only the amount of Masteron Propionate, which is necessary to ensure the living standard of life.

Athletes because of the frequent strength training natural Masteron Propionate is not enough and therefore they need to fill this shortage.

Masteron cycle

There are two of the most well-known ways to accept the Masteron cycle: with and without loading.

Experts recommend taking Masteron without a load since it is easiest for the body to cope with this exercise for abs for females at the home of using the supplement.

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masteron cycle

Accept the Masteron cycle without loading 5 g Once a day 5 g – This is one teaspoon without a slide. (Take on training days – after training, on rest days – in the morning).

The course of admission lasts 2 months, after which there is a break for 3-4 weeks.

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Take the first week by 5 g 4 times a day in between meals. On training days, one portion of Masteron is taken immediately after training.

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A week later, the dose is reduced to 2 g Once a day (on training days – after training, on rest days – in the morning).

In this way, the admission course lasts 1 month, After a break for 3-4 weeks.

Masteron in powder should be taken with a large amount of liquid (at least 200 ml). If you take a little liquid, the drug simply will not be able to digest well.

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Masteron libido: side effects

It is necessary to take into account before taking the drug that Masteron has androgen-induced side effects, which include:

  • slightly increased sexual desire;
  • oily skin;
  • increased body hair growth.

The experience of using the steroid of individual athletes indicates that, depending on the specific situation and the athlete’s body, side effects can manifest themselves in completely different ways. In more accessible words, one may not even notice any adverse effects on the body, while another athlete may be awarded a whole bunch of side effects.

In the first year, approximately in the first four days, it will be clear whether this particular drug is suitable for you, or whether it is worth replacing it with some alternative.

It should be emphasized that the female half of the use of the drug is prohibited for the reason that the virilization process occurs in the shortest possible time. Already after three days after the first injection.

It should be noted that the drug does not significantly affect its testosterone production. These changes in the body can not be taken into account, due to their insignificance. The restoration of normal testosterone production occurs as soon as possible after refusing the drug.

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