How to take Masteron Propionate Powder. Features of the cycle and dosage. Why did he become so popular?

Masteron Propionate

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masteron before and after

Masteron propionate – It is a steroid that helps improve athletic performance, positively affects the general condition of the body, and also has no side effects and harm.

The biggest advantage of Masteron Propionate compared to other steroids is that it is this steroid that immediately begins to enter the body and begins to be metabolized in the muscles.

In sports nutrition, their are taken in order to preserve muscle mass and prevent muscle catabolism. Also in some cases, Masteron before and after is taken in between meals to lose weight.

How to take Masteron in powder

Masterone is sold as a powder or capsule. Naturally, it is much easier to take Masteron before and after in capsules than a powder, for this you just need to take the right amount of capsules.

The minus of taking Oral Masteron cycle in powder is its unpleasant, bitter taste, but the advantage of powder over capsules is that it begins to be absorbed in the digestive tract within a few minutes after ingestion, whereas the capsule (due to its shell) needs more time, Masteron Enanthate powder will cost you less than analog capsules.

To take Masteron Enanthate powder you can mix its with water (if you have it with taste), if no taste, then mix it with juice, L-carnitine, milk or any other favorite drink, it dissolves very well. You can also just put a portion in your mouth and drink water.

masteron before and after

Masteron dosage

Take Masteron steroid before or after training. The dose of the drug ranges from four before 12 a gram at a time, but the exact dose depends on the weight of the athlete, possible supplements (tastes, vitamins, glutamine), the intensity of the loads and the duration of training.

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Thus, we can approximately determine that an athlete weighing 70-80 kg and a workout duration of not more than 30 minutes, you must take 5 g of the supplement before and after the workout (if the preparation contains taste and other ingredients, then a portion of Masteron before and after in powder increases).

If the duration of the workout is more than 30 minutes, then you can additionally take 5 g of supplement directly in the middle of the workout.

If the weight of the athlete is more than 80 kg, then a single dose of the supplement increases, and additionally take 1 g of amino acids for every 2-3 kg of body weight.