Concentration Biceps Curls To Build Bigger Biceps

Biceps Curls

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Isolation barbell curls features:

The main muscle groups: Biceps
Additional muscle groups: Forearm
For whom: For middle and high-level athletes.
When to do: At the end of the biceps workout. Before the exercise, perform barbell and dumbbells curls.

Concentrated bicep curl is one of the most effective exercises for developing peak biceps, which makes your arms even more impressive and aesthetically beautiful.

Concentrated Biceps Lift

The legendary images of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Ronnie Coleman and Jay Cutler with brilliant arms and crazy-sized biceps inspired countless bodybuilders to make concentrated bicep lifting a major exercise in their arm training. Dumbbell concentration curls are especially good if you want to isolate this muscle group. Although there are many biceps exercises that you can do, this particular exercise does more than most of them, because, as its name suggests, it is able to concentrate the movement on the biceps, excluding all other muscles.
Although this is a simple exercise, people with injuries to their elbows or back are not recommended to do primo vs masteron.

Isolation Barbell Curls Technique Of Execution:

  1. Sit on the edge of a horizontal bench with your arm dumbbell between your legs. The legs should be bent at the knees and stand a little wider than the width of the shoulders.
  2. Rest the elbow of the hand holding the dumbbell in the inner thigh, and with your other hand lean on the other leg as you feel comfortable. This is the starting position. Please note that the arm should NOT stand on the leg, but rest against it from the side with the bottom of the triceps! Otherwise, during lifting, you will get uncontrolled displacements of the upper arm.
  3. Keeping the upper part of the arm still, as you exhale, bend your arm at the elbow while lifting the dumbbell. Only the forearm should move. Lift the dumbbell until it reaches shoulder height. Please note: at the top of the lift, the bar of the dumbbell should be horizontal, parallel to the floor. Hold this position to feel the tension in the biceps.
  4. On inspiration, slowly return your hand to its original position. Avoid dumbbell swings!
  5. Repeat the required number of times, then repeat the approach with masteron steroid.
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Bicep Exercises Variations:

You can perform a concentrated lift to the biceps while standing in an incline, this is a more complicated embodiment, however, you will have to make additional efforts in non-target muscle groups to keep the upper part of the arm motionless and not violate the execution technique.

Isolation Barbell Curls


In a concentrated bicep lift, the right technique is crucial. It is possible to injure yourself if you are unable to follow the correct technique, so be sure to carefully follow the instructions for the exercise. Choose your weight carefully, making sure that it is not too heavy to avoid injuries, and not too light so that the exercise is not useless. Do not help yourself while driving the dumbbell with a foot movement. When doing concentrated lifting for biceps, keep your back straight and focus all your attention on your arm. Do not let your elbow take your foot to the side while moving. Do not try to lean too far forward, if you have to do this, you better reduce weight. Do not jerk your hand with the masteron propionate. Feel the load on your biceps at the top, and then slowly lower the weight back down to its original position, do not drop the weight after lifting. If you want to increase the load, try to additionally strain the biceps to the end of the set when you feel tired.