How to quickly burn fat in the abdomen – effective abs workout for women

abs workout for women

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A miraculous method that quickly makes any abs the subject of envy does not exist. The secret of a thin waist, flat stomach and cubes is the same as half a century ago – diet plus training. Despite the positive reviews about goji berries and the advice of “experts” from the category “how to burn fat on your stomach with masteron oral,” we recommend that you just eat right. To quickly achieve the goal you need exercises for weight loss, easily performed at home.

What will help to get washboard abs?

Examining photos of bodybuilders from the “major league”, their ideal abs catches the eye. Athletes claim in their videos that the key to a luxurious body is oatmeal for breakfast, chicken breast and 2-3 workouts per week. However, the main trump card of most professionals is pharmacology. Those who don’t have plans to storm impregnable standards and don’t intend to fight for the “gold” at the next Olympics should forget about such additives and adequately assess their capabilities.

Seeing the truth in a sea of ​​misinformation is not so difficult. But it is less pleasant, therefore it is often rejected by a novice athlete. The fact is that exercises for the so-called local burning of fat on the stomach in fact do not really help to lose weight. A set of exercises without a lot of additional weight in a multi-repetitive mode does not contribute to weight gain, therefore this training program is conventionally called fat-burning.

effective abs workout for women


Why weighted ab exercises doesn’t help to lose weight?

Training should be strictly consistent with the goals: before starting workout, it is important to determine what effect is needed – a relief or flat stomach. Understanding the problems will help understanding how different types of muscle fibers work, because you need to train them differently.

By the speed of contraction, muscle fibers are divided into white and red. White works in short high-intensity loads and grows quickly. Red fibers almost do not grow, use fat as a source of energy, are included in the work during prolonged and static loads.

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The sequence of inclusion of different muscle fibers is regulated by the nervous system and depends on the intensity of the load, fatigue, effort. Connecting growing white fibers requires hard work with extra weight to failure. Stimulating fat-burning red fibers helps to stimulate long-term work of moderate power. There should be many approaches, pauses between them are minimal, weight is dead weight (without masteron e), small or medium.

The appearance of the abs is more dependent on the diet than on training. The main step in losing weight is a light balanced diet, the rejection of sweets, flour and other carbohydrates with a high glycemic index. If there is a reserve of visceral fat, it must first be reduced, and then muscle thickness should be increased. Otherwise, muscles are additionally formed under the fatty layer. They will not be visible, but the waist volume will increase significantly.

Do not overestimate the work in the gym. On average, during an hour of training a person burns 400 kcal, a professional – 500 kcal. At the same time, an average working person spends an average of 2130 calories per day. So physical activity during the day is important no less than training.

How To Draw Abs Fast?

To get a beautiful stomach with traced muscles, you must have:

  • sufficient muscle thickness (build muscle during the period of mass gain);
  • low percentage of fat (fat is burned during cutting phase): 10% for a guy and 16–20% for a girl.

Achieve the result will help:

  • diet and cardio (fat burning workouts);
  • strengthening the muscular skeleton and working out the internal muscles with the help of static exercises (posture of the bar);
  • dynamic exercises for pumping abs (crunches, etc.).

Effective exercises for 11 abs

The first place in an effective complex is occupied by classic crunches. They can be performed in the gym and at home on a special fitness mat, bench, soft thin blanket. Before training, you always need to do a 10-15-minute joint warm-up, and after that – wellness gymnastics (stretching).

Execution technique:

  • lying on your back, bend your knees and place your feet on the floor (the farther the feet from the buttocks, the more difficult it is to perform the exercise);
  • cross your arms over your chest, and do not place behind your head (to avoid additional strain on the neck);
  • tearing the shoulder blades off the floor, twist the body (the lower back is always firmly pressed to the floor);
  • at the upper point, linger for 1-2 seconds and make a full exhalation for better muscle contraction;
  • repeat the exercise without delay in the starting position. Classic twisting
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Only the abdominal muscles should work – no jerking and strain on the neck, spine.

Reverse sit ups for a six-pack

Execution technique:

  • lying on your back, lift your legs slightly bent at the knees;
  • while exhaling, without bending your knees and straining your abdominal muscles, tear your pelvis off the floor;
  • at the top point, pause for 1–2 seconds and return to the starting position.

Studies have shown that with reverse crunches, the lower part of the abs works more. This is a problem zone for many, because there are few muscles in the lower section – this is mainly connective tissue and there is simply nothing to swing there. To all, the fair sex below the navel has fewer nerve endings than men (a protective mechanism to reduce pain on critical days). Therefore, it is more difficult for a woman to train this site. Reverse twisting

Undoubtedly, the best dynamic exercises for developing the lower abdominal muscles of the abdomen include lifting of bent legs in the hanging on the bar or on the parallel bars. Raise your feet from a low position to 30–45 degrees, as the abs starts to work only after 45 degrees. This exercise is difficult and tedious, so it is better to perform it first.

Ab Pulldown For Abs Drawing

Perfectly strengthens the abdominal muscles Ab Pulldown – twisting to the abs from the upper block. Leg rolling helps to work out the muscles well:

  • palms rest on the floor;
  • feet with the front side of the lower leg put on the fitball;
  • roll the ball towards you with your legs, twisting while lifting the pelvis.

As mentioned above, the most important exercises for the abdomen are static exercises, in which tense muscles are maintained without movement for as long as possible. These include the elbow strap and vacuum . Rolling Fitball

Indirect Waist Fat Burning Exercise

No matter how strange it may sound, squats, deadlifts and deadlifts especially help to form a flat stomach. They make many muscles work, require a lot of energy and burn fat faster in the whole body. By the way, if the body mass index (BMI) is very high, then dynamic exercises for the abs are not performed, replacing them with static and indirect ones.

Ineffective Exercises For Abs

Bad exercise The most meaningless and harmful exercises are leg raises. When they are performed, the main load falls on the muscles of the legs and the iliopsoas muscles. This includes “folding” – the simultaneous lifting of the body and legs, in which the spine receives the load.

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The simple lifting of the body with the separation of the lower back from the floor, which everyone had to perform in a physical education lesson, is too heavy on the lumbar spine. Studies conducted in 1984 confirm that such an exercise does not reduce the deposition of fat cells in the abdominal region. Lateral inclinations with a dumbbell also do not remove the sides, but expand the waist and spoil the female figure.

Hula hoop torsion is one of the girls’ favorite pastimes. Contrary to the stories on forums and advertising, it has no effect. But this is a great opportunity to specifically hurt yourself and punish for sweets eaten before bedtime. People believe: if it hurts, it means effective.

Especially useless in this case is swimming. To burn internal fat, you need to keep the pulse in the fat burning zone. It is very difficult to do this in the pool. However, just look at the photos of the winners from different swimming competitions: many champions look mediocre, although they spend a huge amount of calories in training.

Do not just run, ride a bike and exercise on the stepper for weight loss. Weight loss during such workouts is slow, it is very difficult to achieve the desired results.

How Much Exercise Do You Need To Get Rid of Flabby Stomach?

The result depends on the initial weight, metabolism, hormonal profile, and especially – nutrition. If the power is corrected correctly, then the result will not be long in coming.

In one training session you can do two exercises, 3-5 approaches for each. In one approach, there can be either 15 or 25 repetitions. The amount is selected individually, taking into account physical fitness. You should not train your abs with primobolan vs equipoise and dynamic exercises every day, otherwise the abdominal muscles will not have time to recover. But daily you can do static exercises, and in the morning on an empty stomach – a vacuum.

And in no case should you strive for a beautiful body at all costs, forgetting about your health. Overtraining and injuries will make you forget about classes for a long time, which will only delay the receipt of the result.