How to take Masterover? Masteron’s trademark, is it as good as the original?


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Masterover – This is a steroid-based on Masteron Propionate. Its main role in the body. – it is an effect on effective muscle growth and support for the immune system.

Masterover is a fairly common steroid drug that is found in foods such as fish, eggs, chicken, beef, dairy products, cabbage, parsley, beans, spinach, etc.

Muscles consist of 60% of Masteron Propionate, which once again underlines the importance of this anabolic in sports nutrition.

Also, Masteron Propionate – It is a very rich source of energy and it works in the body along with glucose. Masteron 100 has an anti-catabolytic effect by suppressing the secretion of cortisol and also has a positive effect on the rise in growth hormone levels.

How to take Masterover


The recommended daily intake is 4-8 g. You do not need to take more, since an increased dose of the drug cannot be fully absorbed. It is recommended to divide this dosage into two doses. – right after training and before bedtime.

On non-workout days, take supplements at lunch and before bedtime. It is best to take Masterover on an empty stomach. This method of reception contributes to better Masteron absorption.

Masterover goes well with many steroid preparations. No need to mix protein with Masteron results.

Regarding the effectiveness of Masteron steroids in sports nutrition, it acts only on the internal level. Its effectiveness in the form of an increase in muscle mass, unfortunately absent. Regular intake of Masteron will help the athlete to endure heavy workouts more easily, speed up recovery processes, and significantly improve health.

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