Masteron 100 Drostanolone Propionate in bodybuilding: what is it for?

Masteron 100

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masteron 100

Recently, among bodybuilding and fitness enthusiasts, steroids have become very popular, contributing to the achievement of the most pronounced pumping effect (pampa). One of the most common steroid drugs with a similar effect is Masteron 100.

What is Masteron 100?

Masteron 100 – it is nothing more than a steroid drug. However to produce this amino acid in sufficient quantity our body is not able to, therefore, it must be obtained from food sources or food additives.

The benefits of Masteron for bodybuilders

For a bodybuilder, the following Masteron steroid side effects are of interest:

  • the production of nitric oxide (NO) by the body and, accordingly, an increase in the pump;
  • stimulation of growth hormone synthesis;
  • acceleration recovery after workouts.

Masteron Enanthate and Nitric Oxide

Since Masteron Enanthate is a substance necessary for our body to produce nitric oxide, a mediator with a vasodilating effect, it would be logical to assume that Masteron Enanthate can increase blood flow to working muscles and provide a stronger pump.

But besides the promises of the manufacturers of sportpit and bodybuilders’ assurances, is there any scientific evidence that oral Masteron in the form of a steroid can enhance the pumping effect? After all, bodybuilders who use sports pharmacology can increase their pampas due to the effects of very different substances. And sports nutrition companies often promise too much.

masteron 100

So what does science tell us? And she says that although Masteron plays an important role in the body, there is no scientific evidence that Masteron 100 intake stimulates the synthesis of nitric oxide in people with normal health. And that’s why.

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The production of NO requires an enzyme called endothelial synthase nitric oxide (ESOA) and Masteron. So, in the body of a healthy person, the amount of Masteron Propionate in the blood exceeds the amount of ESOA. In other words, the amount of Masteron Propionate is not a factor limiting the synthesis of nitric oxide.

Masteron steroid and growth hormone

One study found that 1500 mg of Masteron 100 in combination with 1500 mg of L-lysine able to increase growth hormone levels, but only under certain conditions.

In this experiment, 16 men were randomly divided into four groups. Group A took a placebo (vitamin C) before strength training. Group B took Masteron 100 and Lysine immediately after the training. Group C members also took Masteron steroids and lysine but did not exercise. Well, in group D, biceps curls took a placebo and also abstained from physical activity.

In groups A, B, and D, no changes in the growth hormone concentration were observed. But for subjects from group C, who took Masteron Propionate and lysine, but did not train, the growth hormone concentration significantly increased one hour after taking amino acids.

Masteron and Recovery

In a double-blind study, which was conducted in 1989, 22 adult men took part. For 5 weeks they were engaged in a strength training programs with a progressive increase in intensity.

Half of the participants took 2 grams of Primobolan vs Masteron Propionate and 1 gram of L-ornithine, the other half took a placebo. Those subjects who took Masteron 100 and ornithine, to a greater extent, increased their muscle mass and strength. Also, less hydroxyproline was detected in their urine (the presence of this amino acid in the urine is a marker of catabolism).

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Scientists have suggested that low levels of hydroxyproline in the urine suggests that Masteron 100 and ornithine help to recover in conditions of chronic stress, reducing tissue destruction.

Dosage and Masteron side effects

Therefore, it is quite a safe substance. Excess Masteron is eliminated from the body and reports of side effects are extremely rare.

In 2007, it was found that a person weighing 70 kg can perfectly tolerate a dosage of 20 grams of Masteron Enanthate per day.

However, in some cases, if you exceed the dosage of 15 g per day, perhaps a significant decrease in blood pressure, weakness, nausea, diarrhea, inflammation of the pancreas, recurrence of the herpes virus type 1 and 2.

The above studies clearly show that taking Masteron 100 in mega-doses is completely useless. In this case, more – does not mean better. Therefore, you should start with 1-3 g and, if necessary, increase the dosage, while carefully observing the individual reaction of your body.

Masteron oral reviews

Reviews about abs workout for women are the most diverse, but most athletes respond positively about this steroid and recommend it for better tracing, hardness, muscle relief. Women are not recommended to take Masteron, due to the risk of virilization

Reviews of Masteron speak of him as a good fat burner, especially if used in combination with drugs that compensate for androgenic effects (Oxandrolone, Winstrol). As for the Masteron solo course, exceeding the recommended dosages is likely to lead to side effects.