Should I buy Oral Masteron? How to choose, to consume? Pros and Cons

oral masteron

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oral masteron

Oral Masteron is a steroid muscle building supplement. Preparations containing it allow for faster results.

Oral Masteron became popular due to its low cost. Therefore, many are wondering: «Should I buy Masteron?».

Description, advantages, and disadvantages of Oral Masteron

Oral Masteron is used to replenish protein deficiencies in muscles, build muscle, or to lose weight.

Pros Masteron cycle

The drug is characterized by many positive properties:

    • activates the blood supply to the muscles;
    • increases the production of hormones in the body;
    • adjusts the natural removal of free radicals, which leads to a slower pace of aging, increases endurance;
    • contains many nutrients and micronutrients, including BCCA (a complex of 3 essential amino acids);
    • optimizes kidney function;
    • stimulates the synthesis of thyroid hormones, regulating the work of the thyroid gland,
    • reduces the concentration of harmful cholesterol;
    • helps to enhance immunity;
oral masteron
  • suitable for vegetarians and lactose intolerant athletes;
  • low calorie, therefore effective in losing weight.

Cons Masteron Propionate

Opponents of this substance, in the first place, are embarrassed that the plant component is also used in animal husbandry for quick weight gain by animals. Besides, most effective Masteron steroids are used in combination with other steroids, achieving maximum results. This is even necessary because the additive in its pure form has some imperfections:

  • the low absorption rate, slowing down of the digestive tract;
  • small biological value;
  • according to some sources, it contributes to a decrease in testosterone level, since a significant amount of phytoestrogens is included in the composition of the additive (this undesirable effect is minimal when using high-quality raw materials and observing the dosage);
  • may cause intestinal problems.
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How to choose Masteron Enanthate

The sports nutrition market offers a rich variety of nutritional supplements. When selecting Oral Masteron, you need to analyze the percentage of protein present in the formulation.

This additive is created in three ways, and as a result, we get: isolate concentrate and texturate. The most expensive and nutritious – first option. In the concentrate, the proportion of protein – 30-80%. Texturate in sports nutrition is rarely used.

To buy powdered protein should only be from manufacturers with a proven reputation. Large-scale corporations specializing in the development and implementation of sports nutrition, achieve high-quality products. They provide thorough purification of the protein, increase the nutritional value of additives.

Before buying it is necessary to thoroughly analyze the composition of the powder. Masteron Propionate should be 100% natural.

How to take Drostanolone propionate (Masteron)

Masteron dosage is determined personally. The basis of the calculation is the weight of the athlete, its normal calorie menu, and physical activity.

Per 1 kg of body weight is recommended:

  • 86 g supplements – with low energy costs,
  • 4 g – with an average intensity of training,
  • 2 g – with heavy loads.

Powder protein is allowed to replace no more than a quarter of the daily calories.

Usually, Masterover accepts 40-90 minutes before a workout. The drug is dissolved in water, it is allowed to combine the drink with juice or fruit smoothie. The supplement should not be consumed at night, because the protein will not be completely processed by the body.

Masteron Slimming (Women)

Many of the fair sex use sports nutrition instead of the usual food to form a calorie deficit.

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Sample menu:

  • Breakfast – 2 boiled eggs, vegetable sliced.
  • Dinner – Lean meat (beef or turkey) or steamed fish with vegetables, or a bowl of soup.
  • Afternoon tea – fruit or yogurt without additives.
  • Dinner – a glass of protein drink.

With this mode of nutrition is to add a set of evening physical exertion.

With this scheme of weight loss is important not to exceed the daily calorie intake of 1200-1300 units. You should also control the volume of servings and refuse high-calorie foods. – sweets, muffins, fatty foods.

Thus, Oral Masteron has both advantages and disadvantages. To obtain an optimal result, one should follow the advice of the trainer and the observing doctor, correctly calculate the dosage and follow the basics of a healthy lifestyle.