What is better – Primobolan vs Masteron? The choice has never been so difficult.

Primobolan vs Masteron


primobolan vs masteron

Most people who start exercising in the gym sooner or later find themselves in a sports nutrition store looking for supplements that can help them achieve their goals. And here they are inevitably faced with the question: what kind of steroid to get – Primobolan or Masteron?

Read on and you will find out the answer to this burning question.

Primobolan vs Masteron?

In the light of all this, it would be logical to assume that Primobolan is clearly better than Masteron, since theirs no longer need to be digested and they can immediately enter the blood.

Although it cannot be said that they are definitely better than Primobolan vs Masteron, since it is precisely because of the extremely rapid absorption that their body should be used when they are most needed by your body. For example, the same BCAA, carnitine and glutamine are best taken immediately before exercise (it will not hurt to take the BCAA during it).

But do you know what Primobolan is, which is very popular with unknowing fans of iron sports?

What is Primobolan?

It’s just Primobolan depot, compressed into tablets, caplets or packaged in capsules. The following types are used for this:

primobolan vs masteron
  • Whey hydrolyzate
  • Whey concentrate
  • Casein
  • Egg albumin
  • Soy isolate or hydrolyzate
  • Dried beef liver

Your attention is worth only real Primobolan. This is indeed a very good product, since the protein in it is already partially digested (that is, split into peptides).

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Of course you can argue: why buy Primobolan or Masteron, if they can also be purchased in powder form? Well, the question is reasonable. However, tablets and capsules have their advantages.

Advantages and disadvantages of Masteron

First of all, whey hydrolyzate in them is better purified from fat and lactose. This can be very helpful if you need to increase your protein intake and to the maximum avoid increasing the intake of carbohydrates and fats. Accordingly, it makes sense to take real Primobolan only while working on reducing the percentage of fat in the body, or if you are striving to gain lean muscle mass with minimal gain of subcutaneous fat. Although, in fairness, it is worth noting that the same whey isolate also contains very small amounts of lactose and fat.

Secondly, With the help of Real Primobolan, you can increase the protein content of regular food, if you take them after meals. Agree to swallow a handful of pills or capsules – it is much easier than mixing and drinking Masteron Propionate. By the way, reception after meal – This is the only way to use Primobolan Depot, not contrary to common sense.

For example, after a workout is better to drink Primobolan vs Masteron? Moreover, in such quantity to get about 50 g of protein. In this case, some of the protein will inevitably be used by the body as an energy source. That is why, after training, an increased dose of Masteron Propionate is needed. So that the muscles also fall.

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For the same reason, there is no point in trying to substitute regular food intake with Primobolan Depot.

Primobolan vs Masteron Findings

Primobolan Depot and other steroids should be taken before and / or during exercise. Primobolan Enanthate makes sense to use only on a diet with reduced intake of fats and carbohydrates. And take their preferably after meals. In all other cases, it is better to use Masteron 100.